Vicki Webb


Current Director

Frieda Ross


Director 2002-2008, 2010-2016

Martha Weatherby


Director 2002-2016


Roberta Carman, Director 1977-2001, 2008-2015

Our Story

In 1977, Don Hinkle asked Roberta Carman to start a women's retreat for Guadalupe Christian Camp.  He said she was the most qualified to do so because she had actually attended some retreats.  Roberta agreed and set out to build a program that would give women something special for them away from their day to day responsibilities.  She recruited Charlotte Wheat and Regina Dickinson to lead the worship service.  She served as dean for two years and then decided that was too much work, so she set up a system where the responsibility is shared within the camp association churches.  She stayed on as the "Director" of the retreat to make sure that there was continuity as women came to "Praise God in Mountain Country".  As the retreat grew, the opportunity to give back to the camp became the mission of the retreat.  There have been many improvements purchased due to funds raised at this retreat.  It has been such a joy for the ladies to be able to participate in raising funds for the camp.

At the end of the 2001 retreat celebrating the 25th anniversary, Roberta, Regina and Charlotte announced their retirement.  Frieda Ross and Martha Weatherby worked together as directors of the retreat beginning in 2002).  These ladies made the transition seamless and kept the vision and joy alive. Following the retreat in 2008, Frieda Ross retired, and Roberta was rested up enough to step back in as a Co-Director with Martha.  In 2010 due to Roberta's illness, Frieda  once again stepped up as Co-Director with Martha.  Their love for the retreat and the camp made our retreat a pleasure to attend.  

In 2016, Roberta graduated to heaven and Martha and Frieda retired.  They turned the reigns over to Vicki Webb.  As the current director, Vicki has taken on the task of trying to create a web presence for the retreat, thus this website.  With the help of the Advisory Board which is made up of all the past deans, she is working to make sure the past director's work is carried on and that the retreat is set up to continue to bless the camp.  

Different groups have taken turns leading worship since Charlotte and Regina retired.  These ladies shoes have been hard to fill, but the Lord continues to bless the retreat with great music.

Bev Smith was working on the tin punch wall hanging with her friend Nikki Walker as they were talking about the theme for the retreat in 1986 and she said, I could write a song about this and immediately sang the first line of the song to Nikki.  The rest of the song was penned that night, and the rest is history.  She has blessed us with her talent and with songs that have touched our hearts each year since then at the request of the deans.  She is a humble servant of the Lord.

Through the generosity of the women over the years, love offerings totaling over $137,000

We absolutely love this retreat and love Praisin' the Lord in Mountain Country.